Professional Podcast Mastering


Don’t let bad audio or uneven loudness spoil your podcast’s listening experience. Anything less than the best audio quality could reflect poorly on your brand and can hurt listenership.

Mastering is the term for taking an audio mix and optimizing it for distribution.

Why Mastering Is Important

Mastering is a crucial step in the audio production process. Modern mastering ensures your podcast will sound the best it can across platforms, devices, and speaker systems. Your show needs to sound great whether played in a car, on a smart speaker, or through earbuds.

Your favorite music was mixed and mastered by professional sound engineers. We give that same “shine” to podcasts.


The original file has low overall loudness, a common issue because radio and podcasts need two different loudness targets. Also, the transition at 0:08 is jarring to the listener because it’s significantly louder.

The re-mastered file is improved for overall clarity with a loudness target of -16 LUFS, the standard for podcasts.

Our Mastering includeS:

  • Loudness normalization
  • Multiband peak limiting
  • Linear Phase Equalization
  • Tonal character adjustment

How it works:

Your team continues to do editing, mixing, and production.

Our team specializes in the final part of the process: unifying the sound of your podcast, maintaining consistency across your catalog of episodes, and preparing files for distribution.

Upload files to our team who will master and return your files with a quick turnaround.

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Andy is host of Inspired Money, named by Forbes as a Top 10 Personal Finance Podcast. He has conducted over 200 interviews as a host -- including booking, pre-interview research, and post-production. Andy has spoken at Inbound, Podfest, FinCon, Podcast Movement, and is co-founder of the Asian American Podcasters Association.

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