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    The idea to launch my podcast began in April of 2017, and it started with the name. I was surprised that Inspired Money wasn’t taken (I searched iTunes, Google, and the

    Then I needed to go to school. I watched YouTube videos about podcast editing in GarageBand. I binge listened to The Showrunner and enrolled in their podcast positioning course.

    I used DesignCrowd to sponsor a contest for a logo design. During that time, I conceptualized what I wanted my show to be… and who it was for. I came up with a standard opening interview question. I went to school again to learn how to be a good interviewer.

    By June, I started recording interviews with the goal of having at least 5 recorded before officially launching. All of them were done remotely over Skype. My plan was to launch with three episodes and have a couple in the can.

    Of the first 5 interviews, two were friends, one was a referral from a friend, one was someone that I knew, and one was a cold email who accepted the invitation. I ended up delaying my launch date by a month because of a family vacation and travel.

    On September 1, 2017, I uploaded a trailer (episode zero) to Libsyn (use promo code ‘andy’ to get one month free) and set up my account at Apple Podcasts. Once Inspired Money appeared at Apple, I published three episodes.

    For me, most of my planning and recording took place over two months. Since hitting publish, I haven’t looked back or stopped. I’ve published every week and am approaching 200 episodes.

    How did you get started?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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Andy is host of Inspired Money, named by Forbes as a Top 10 Personal Finance Podcast. He has conducted over 200 interviews as a host -- including booking, pre-interview research, and post-production. Andy has spoken at Inbound, Podfest, FinCon, Podcast Movement, and is co-founder of the Asian American Podcasters Association.

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