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    Is your podcast making you money? Ad rates range from $20 CPM to $100 CPM — that’s cost per thousand impressions. If your podcast gets 150,000 per episode, that’s real money at $4,500 (150 * $30.) If your podcast gets 500 downloads though, $30 CPM pays you only $15.

    I’ve found affiliate marketing to be more effective while you grow your podcast. Find products or services that fit your show and audience. In my experience, the affiliates that worked well have been guests that represent a company that my audience is interested in. Then, I can mention the affiliate link during the show and include it in the show notes.

    What has worked for you?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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Andy is host of Inspired Money, named by Forbes as a Top 10 Personal Finance Podcast. He has conducted over 200 interviews as a host -- including booking, pre-interview research, and post-production. Andy has spoken at Inbound, Podfest, FinCon, Podcast Movement, and is co-founder of the Asian American Podcasters Association.

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